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 1. Technical

e.g. technical project manager, site manager, civil engineer, estimator, foreman, HVACR engineer, mechanical engineer, IT technician etc.

 2. Commercial jobs

e.g. commercial project manager, payroll accountant, site accountant, commercial clerk, bookkeeper, controller, purchaser, secretary, commercial trainee etc.

 3. Other jobs

e.g. lawyer, human resources specialist, public relations specialist, receptionist, telephone operator etc.

 4. Industrial worker

e.g. assistant foreman, bricklayer, carpenter, formworker, concrete worker, machinist, metalworker, mechanic, paver etc.

 5. Training/Internship summer
Practical trainings/internships in summer for pupils and students. We accept applications for summer only from October to February.

 6. Training/Internship 2-6 mo.
Practical trainings/internships from 2 to 6 months for students who want to gather practical experience or have to complete a mandatory internship of several months.
 7. Apprenticeships

e.g. commercial, technical and industrial apprenticeships

 9. Working student

Working student

In accordance with the General Equal Treatment Act we are addressing both men and women.

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